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Carolina SeniorCare Director of Spiritual Life was awarded the Direct Care Award at the NC PACE Assooication annual Conference. 

Nomination Narrative:  An exceptional team member, doing exceptional programming for the good of the participants defines Misty Polston-York, Director of Spiritual Life at Carolina SeniorCare.  Misty has made tremendous impact on the participant’s lives at Carolina SeniorCare.  Misty thinks big and is always looking for “wow” moments to put a smile on someone’s face. She is a Chaplain, counselor, and cheerleader for our participants.

Just as with most spiritual leaders, Misty cares for the human spirit without judgement of a person’s beliefs, faith, practice, doubts or misgivings.  Misty just does it with a bit more gusto!  She doesn’t just read the Christmas Story from Luke Chapter 2; she has the participants present it in a play for friends and family.  When learning that many of the participants never had a formal wedding, Misty quickly recruited team members to have a vow renewal ceremony for nine couples.  Misty found donors to assist with hair and make-up, others supplied wedding gowns for the ladies and suits for the gents, and a local baker gifted a 3-tiered wedding cake. Music played, photos were snapped, and toasts were made. Family and friends gathered and each couple repeated their vows and enjoyed a wonderful celebration.  The participants continue to talk about the celebration and how it made them feel; they are eager to show guests their photo books from the special day.

Misty’s work at Carolina SeniorCare demonstrates warmth and compassion for those we serve.  She is always eager to speak with participants, learn of their needs and works towards their desires. Misty held a reunion ceremony to bless a relationship of two participants. She also worked with team members to see that a participant could attend Mass one last time.  And another participant longed for a view of the lake. Misty was instrumental in getting choir robes for the participant choir, Joyful Voices, and also made the boutique of  supplies available for those in need. Whatever the desire, Misty will work with all resources to make something exceptional happen!

Misty’s heart is in the right place. She is loved by participants, team members and families. Her positive attitude is reflected in her love for Carolina SeniorCare participants.  She not only makes a difference, it is an exceptional difference.


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