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Mrs. Janie Nichols, a participant at Carolina SeniorCare and devout Christian, hasn't been unable to attend church service in many years due to her health limitations and travel requirements. During her time at Carolina SeniorCare, she has shared with caregivers Heather Capps, Phoebe Campbell, and Lisa Shaw that she longed to attend a church service one more time and partake in a potluck dinner afterwards. Activity Coordinator Sharon Allard submitted this idea to Grant a Dream™. Director of Spiritual Life Misty Polston-York worked alongside her church, Saint Peter’s World Outreach Center in Winston Salem, to arrange for Mrs. Nichols to attend a church service and a lovely luncheon. Carolina SeniorCare team members took care of all the details to make this happen for Mrs. Nichols. Mrs. Nichols enjoyed the laughter, fellowship, and spiritual renewal from this experience. A job well done, Carolina SeniorCare team!

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