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Carolina SeniorCare was host to a commitment ceremony of two day center participants, Star and Calvin.  Family and friends gathered to formally ritualize the loving nature of their relationship by publicly declaring their commitment to one another.

Chaplain Misty Polston-York blessed the relationship, read scripture from 1 Corinthians and Star and Calvin exchanged vows.  The couple also had a Wedding Vase ceremony to keep with tradition of the Native American Lakota, a part of Star’s heritage.

The vase represented the couple and their circle of life.  Each sipped nectar and water from the vase and then simultaneously drank from the vessel representing a strong commitment and relationship. The vase was then gifted to the couple as a symbol of their love for one another.

Following the ceremony, the  couple had a toast and cut the wedding cake.  Family and friends enjoyed music, refreshments and fellowship.

The commitment ceremony was made possible in part by United Church Homes and Services’ Grant a Dream program.  The goal of Grant a Dream is to renew and celebrate a passion while creating joy within the hearts of our seniors.  The core of the program is to grant basic dreams for residents and participants of UCHS communities.

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