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With the rise in the homeless population, and indigent persons, within the Davidson County area, the staff and participants, at Carolina SeniorCare wanted to find a way to give back, and provide support, to the less fortunate in the community.  The idea of a Blessing Box  placed on the grounds of Carolina SeniorCare with free necessities serving those in need seem to fulfill a mission.

“A Blessing Box is essentially bringing a pantry to our front yard,” shared Misty Polston York, Chaplain at Carolina SeniorCare and one of the project champions. “The motto being, take what you need and leave what you can.”

When the team at Carolina SeniorCare made the decision to support a Blessing Box, the next hurdle was to find someone to make the structure.  Their blessing came from a United Church Homes and Services sister community, Piedmont Crossing.  A resident at Piedmont Crossing, Darrell Embry, worked to perfection on the Blessing Box using tools from the retirement community woodworking shop.  Embry’s expertise lead to a beautiful structure, while also inspired others to donate supplies to help with the completion of the project.  With the almost 100 pound structure ready, Carolina SeniorCare team members, Robert Miller and Jamal Tahirkeli, prepared the foundation to position the Blessing Box.

The Blessing Box, located at 802 East Center Street, Lexington, will be filled with necessities such as canned food, socks, gloves, bottled water, toiletries, and more by Carolina SeniorCare team members, participants and community partners.

“We already have joy in our hearts just knowing we are helping those in need,” shared York.  “If community partners wish to assist in replenishing the Blessing Box and capture joy in their hearts, they may contact Carolina SeniorCare, 336.746.3500.”

Carolina SeniorCare located at 802 East Center Street, Lexington, NC serves seniors in Davidson, Rowan, Davie and Iredell counties. Visit our website at  Carolina SeniorCare is under the sponsorship of United Church Homes and Services (UCHS), a not-for-profit ministry offering senior housing and services for nearly 50 years, located in Newton, NC. 

Pictured:  (left to right):  Carolina SeniorCare team members, Robert Miller and Jamal Tahirkeli, and Darrell Embry, resident of Piedmont Crossing and Blessing Box designer/builder.

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