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Carolina SeniorCare is a non-for-profit provider of PACE services under the sponsorship of United Church Homes and Services (UCHS), a not-for-profit ministry offering senior housing and services for nearly 50 years, headquartered in Newton, NC. Carolina SeniorCare has partnered with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the State of North Carolina to provide this comprehensive approach to care. The Carolina SeniorCare PACE Center will be located at 802 Center Street, Lexington, NC.

  • PACE provides a full range of preventive, primary, acute and long term care services that enable frail older individuals to live in the community as independently as possible.
  • PACE provides care and services consistent with emerging consumer demands for individual choices in health care and services.
  • PACE combines adult day settings, home care, interdisciplinary teams, transportation systems and capitated payment systems so providers can respond to the unique needs of each frail elderly individual served.
  • Providers across the United States have successfully replicated the PACE model, demonstrating the value of high quality, individualized care PACE provides for its participants.

For more information on Carolina SeniorCare, visit our website at or phone 336.746.3500.

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