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The holidays are a time when we can take a break from our hectic schedules and remember the special bond we have with family and friends. To help us get into the spirit of the holidays, we trim the tree with twinkling lights, hang Christmas cards from the louvered shutters, buy each other Christmas gifts, and listen to carols. But aside from the universal and timeworn traditions, it seems every family has at least one holiday tradition that they claim as their own.

Your family tradition may be as simple as watching “The Christmas Story” on TV every year, or as elaborate as hosting the annual neighborhood party. Maybe your family enjoys cooking soups and casseroles for your local food bank, or taking blankets and winter clothes to a homeless shelter. Perhaps it’s a traditional Christmas morning breakfast that makes the holidays special at your place. Mom might make her famous cinnamon rolls or French toast, or dad might have a special Christmas morning scrambled eggs recipe that he cooks up for everyone.

There are Christmas traditions that have lasted centuries and there are those that we make up along the way. Whether you look forward to the annual neighborhood party, or your family enjoys piling up in the car and driving around the neighborhood in search of the house with the best Christmas light display or nativity scene, Christmas traditions are what makes the holidays so special. What will your holiday traditions be, this year?

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