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Did you know there is a National Senior Spelling Bee?  The National Senior Spelling Bee was brought into being by a group of volunteers from AARP, in 1996. It has been generously hosted by this organization every year since that date in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The event is open to all senior citizens. What is a senior? For the purposes of this competition, a senior is anybody aged 50 or over.  Can you spell – R-h-i-z-o-c-t-o-n-i-a? Rhizoctonia is a genus of asexual, anamorphic fungi known for causing crop diseases.  It was the winning word for one lucky speller!

Carolina SeniorCare hosts their very own Spelling Bee for participants.  The participants love the challenge and better yet – The Win!  The tournament takes place March 19th!

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