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We all need socialization and a feeling of connectedness.  At Carolina SeniorCare’s Day Center, participants have ample opportunities to engage in team work, dine together, and converse.  Keeping our minds stimulated through connectedness is key for individuals with dementia. reported these 4 key reasons that experts encourage consistent socialization for individuals with dementia:  

1.Gain a greater sense of inclusiveness and belonging: The process of interacting with others, even when passive, can stimulate a sense of personal worth; a feeling of belonging, rather than isolation.

2.Improve brain health: We won’t get into all the science here, but studies show that those people with a broader network of social experience in earlier stages of Alzheimer’s are able to slow down the progression of memory loss more so than those whose network is very small.

3.Strengthen the connection to time and place: Socialization provides a sense of normal structure and order to the life of an individual with memory loss. It helps stimulates that part of the brain that connects us to time and place, rather than experiencing a disconnected continuum with no start and end points.

4.Enhance and maintain focus: Older individuals have more difficulty transitioning between daydreaming and focused states of mind. So the more time the aging brain spends mentally active and socially engaged, the easier that transition becomes, which helps them perform the daily tasks necessary for independent living.

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