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In celebration of National PACE Month, PACE is recognizing the Interdisciplinary team. The PACE interdisciplinary team is one thing that really sets PACE apart from other care delivery models,” said Thomas Chang, Executive Director of Carolina SeniorCare. “So often individuals and families who have health care needs experience a fractured, hard-to-navigate health care system. PACE is just the opposite. In PACE the interdisciplinary team members work together to develop effective care plans and solve problems that PACE participants are experiencing. We have had so many enrollees and their families tell us how PACE has impacted their life.”

The interdisciplinary team includes a registered nurse, recreation therapist, dietitian, occupational therapist, PACE center manager, home care coordinator, personal care attendant, transportation specialist, primary care provider, social worker and physical therapist, as well as other specialists such as a behavioral health therapist or pharmacist.

More than 95 percent of PACE participants live in the community. A recent study of PACE family caregivers found that 96.6 percent of family members are satisfied with the support they receive through PACE, and 97.5 percent of family caregivers would recommend PACE to someone in a similar situation.

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