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Everyone has faults...admittedly one of my greatest faults is the lack of patience. I have always struggled to allow things to happen in God’s timing, instead I have tried to hurry along God’s plans for me, which often has had disastrous outcomes. So, when I was asked to write this week’s devotion on God’s timing I had to sit back, pray, and ask God to speak to me while I “patiently” found the right words to minister to others.

As I prayerfully waited for guidance, I was reminded of an incident that happened, when my oldest daughter was three years old. I was in my closet hanging up laundry when I heard a big boom in the kitchen. I walked quickly up the hallway when I heard Alana repeating “I’m sorry Mommy. I’m sorry Mommy!” As I looked around the edge of the counter, my eyes fixated on an entire gallon of blue Kool-Aid, spilled all over the floor and the cabinets.

My mothering motto quickly came to mind, James 1:19, “…Be slow to anger…” I could tell she was remorseful and that she knew what she had done was wrong. Her tiny voice repeating how sorry she was. Her body slumped knowing she had messed up.

You see, my daughter thought she was big enough. She thought she would be helping me by getting the juice out and pouring it herself. She thought she was capable of doing this simple task. She truly believed that by making the drink herself she would save me some time. But, the reality was, she set me back. Now I had to stop what I was doing to clean up the Kool-Aid, steam mop the floors, and wipe down all the cabinets, ultimately delaying her getting a drink, and adding to the amount of my already busy day.

She quickly learned that she wasn’t capable of doing such a task, that she needed help, that she wasn’t big enough, nor strong enough to tackle the problem presented. She needed someone bigger, taller, and stronger to help her.

She wanted to do it herself, but what she needed was the patience to wait for me to help her. We all lack patience at times. And perhaps our prayers are delayed due to our lack of patience? Maybe God is trying to teach us to be still, so He can fight for us (Exodus 14:14).

Maybe my daughter was genuinely trying to lend me a hand and pour her own drink. Maybe she knew I would be proud of her, and excited to see her do it on her own.

She reminded me of me. How often I try to make things happen on my own. Just this morning I was praying about the Lord opening doors for me, and as I remembered the story of the spilled Kool-Aid, I could hear God’s voice speaking to me, just as I did to my daughter, saying… “You’re not ready just yet. One day soon you will be. But today you must wait. Today you must be still. You must be patient as you wait for ME to meet your need. I see you. I see the need and I will meet it in MY perfect timing.”

God asks us to be still and wait. Do we really want to wait? Do we really want to allow God and his perfect timing in the midst of our daily routine?

Our impulsive nature is telling us no. Our lack of patience is saying, “We don’t want to do that”.

The funny thing is, God wants to provide.  God wants us to surrender all so He can be fully glorified through our walks. Only through Him can we truly accomplish greatness in His name. We may think that we can at times, but without Him, we are nothing (John 15:5)

I am reminded of Isaiah 53:6 “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned-every one- to his own way.” I, like my daughter, am a wandering sheep; restless and lacking patience. I turn towards my own way, and follow my own agenda, rather than waiting for the Good Shepherd to lead me. The Israelites in the Old Testament could relate. They spent forty years wandering in the wilderness while waiting to enter into the Promised Land. Those forty years were not wasted though; rather they were spent refining and bringing maturity and humility into the hearts of the Israelite people.

Some things worth having require time to bring them to full transformation.  I feel blessed to know that the Good Shepherd is with me always, guiding me, protecting me, and leading me in the right direction to fulfill His desires for me. I, like my daughter, just need to be more patient and realize that all good things come in God’s timing…not mine.



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