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We gather together, eat, listen to The Star Spangled Banner, watch fireworks, and celebrate. July fourth has become commonplace, another day for big sales events and flying an American flag; far removed from the early celebrations marking the end of the Revolutionary War, and founding a new country.

However, an Independence Day celebration is approaching that will impress the whole world, and will never be diminished! We don’t know its date, but we eagerly await it. And, no one on earth, or in heaven, will miss its importance; because it will mark a day of freedom from the greatest oppressor ever – sin and death.

It is the day of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ's, return. It is the beginning of real freedom, like no one has ever had before. Those who have believed in Christ’s atoning blood for their sins and have trusted and believed in Him, might have what an old preacher of mine used to call "a Hallelujah breakdown!"

This Independence Day will release Christians from the many sins keeping them entangled. Imagine, no more sickness, no more addictions, no more gossip, no more unkindness, no more hate, no more poverty, no more despair, no more of anything that does not reflect the positive attributes of the love, of our Father God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Currently, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us, to strengthen us, to comfort us, and to give us power through Christ’s death and resurrection. However, we are still tripped up by sin as long as we live in this fallen world. When Jesus comes, all our ungodliness along with our negative baggage goes away. But, most importantly, we will be released from the chains, and bondage, of sin and death. I can’t think of a better freedom than that.

Actually, the whole scene of Jesus’s return sounds so incredible, I doubt there are words to describe the immense emotional, spiritual, and physical response that people will have.

The Bible tells us Jesus will return to earth just like He left, through the clouds (Acts 1:11b), with his angels (Matt 16:27), with the trumpet call of God and a loud command (1 Thessalonians 4:16). Scripture says believers in Christ will be changed in a twinkling of an eye and Jesus will destroy all dominion, authority, and power standing in opposition to Almighty God (1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Corinthians 15:24).

Our earthly minds are limited in their comprehension of this miraculous time. It is a God thing, and try as we may, we can’t peg down the details on how God will accomplish the return of Jesus Christ and the destruction of evil.

Picture the sky filled with God’s mighty angels, the sound of God’s trumpet, which has to be the most beautiful and loudest sounding instrument, and our Lord Jesus shining radiantly as He leads His mighty angelic troop in the sky.

Envision watching victory as Christ and his angels triumph over sin, and justice is completed. It will be more graphic and stirring than any riveting movie Hollywood could ever think of producing.

Many theologians have studied the return of Christ, and have disagreed, about the order of when things will happen, and exactly how they will happen. These varied opinions on the return of Christ, and the disappearance of believers from the earth, have created divisions among believers, who desperately want to cling to one decided order of the end times.

My response to such division is that it really doesn’t matter how we interpret the end times scriptures describing when God’s day of Independence comes. Everything will be revealed in God’s perfect timing. The Independence Day of our God will come when we least expect it and we are instructed to be ready as if it were the next moment. So, in case it happens to be today, Happy Independence Day!

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