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Many of us operate under the assumption that in order to change the world we have to do great and mighty things. The truth of the matter is: a simple act of kindness in the name of Jesus; a loving gesture displaying Christianity; an understanding word to honor Him can start a rippling effect.

How we interact on a daily basis influences others. Have you ever started out having a really great morning, only to have your perfect day interrupted by someone’s rudeness? Perhaps, you were in a happy mood, driving to work, and are suddenly cut off by a crazy driver, who then yells at you. Or, you have plans to leave work early to attend your child’s sports event, then your co-worker calls out sick and you end up having to work a double shift, which makes you miss your child’s big game. I am sure we have all experienced moments like this that changed our attitude from positive to annoyed.

But, on a positive note, perhaps someone blessed us and turned a bad day into a good day. Maybe you were grabbing breakfast, on your way to work, and the person in the car in front of you bought your meal. Or you are dropping your children off at school and someone holds the door for you. Maybe you are running 10,000 errands in a small amount of time and someone offers to help you. When someone is kind to me, the way they make me feel in turn causes me to respond to others in a similar fashion. And the rippling begins…

Words and actions cross our paths every second of every day. Did you ever stop and think how your words and actions are impacting others?

I once read a church billboard which said, “Always testify to the goodness of Jesus Christ and when necessary use your words.”

Sometimes I see someone acting out in a loving way to another person and I think, “I know that makes God smile!” Other times I see someone acting in an ungodly way and I think, “You know, God don’t like ugly!”

As Christians we have a higher calling – to spread the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ – with our words and our actions. When we do so, the ripples start and make an overwhelming and beautiful difference in the lives of others. Try it! You never know how God may use it to benefit His Kingdom. In the words of Harold Kushner “When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.”

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