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For older adults, we tend to experience memory loss and loss of mental capacity. This isn’t something due to age; it is caused when the brain ceases to be used as regularly. There are many ways to prevent memory loss by challenging your mind everyday.

Challenging your mind doesn’t have to be hard work, there are many games that focus around this. Two very helpful games are “Remember that later” and “Word association game.”

Remember That Later:

-Pick something to remember during the day (like tasks, events, people’s behavior or phrases, etc.)

-Try to remember what that thing was the next day

Word Association Game:

 -Requires at least two people

-Pick a category (such as food, places, sports, etc.)

-One person starts with a word. The next person then says a word where the first letter is the last letter of previous word

At Carolina SeniorCare, you will always find activity from playing Scrabble to Brain games, there is something for everyone. 

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