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Halloween can be a fun time! Children are dressed as their favorite character and running around the neighborhood with smiles on their faces, collecting candy; lots of fun for kids, but possibly a scary time for seniors who live alone. Small children trick-or-treating with their parents are not scary, but a group of mischievous teens or burglars who take advantage of the home accessibility of the evening can be worrisome. Here are a few tips for seniors to help you enjoy the fun of the holiday while staying safe:

1. Have a younger friend or relative come over to your home to help you pass out treats. This shows that there is more than one person home and you're not a helpless victim.
2. Go to a neighbor’s or family member’s house to pass out candy. Post a note on your front fence stating that “candy for this house will be passed out at 1000 Main Street” or you can just give a bag of candy to your neighbor to pass out in your name.
3. Keep the chain locked on your door. The opening is large enough to pass through candy but will not give people direct access to your home.

4. Do not let anyone you don’t know into your home to use the bathroom or phone, no matter how cute their little one is. Point them to a public restroom or to a neighbor’s house where you know more than one adult is home.
5. Keep your interior and exterior lights lit. This provides protection against burglars or vandals that may take advantage of the dark house.

Halloween can be spooky and fun but make sure to keep yourself safe and enjoy the holiday, especially all those super cute kids in costumes.

Carolina SeniorCare has a series of activities happening in October to celebrate the Halloween tradition.

Excepts on Halloween Tips By Becky Miller

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