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When was the last time you played checkers or jacks -- or tiddlywinks? Classic toys have made a comeback. And they're a great way for seniors to connect with children and grandchildren. Who says toys and games are just for the young? They're for the young at heart!

The participants at Carolina SeniorCare enjoy playing Checkers.  In addition, to providing socialization, classic games, like Checkers, offer many advantages for seniors. 

Toys and games remind us of when we were young. We have our favorites, and we can tell stories of who we played with, how we learned, and our best game ever.

Games give us the opportunity to teach. Teaching them takes patience, communication, and helps us draw on information we haven't used in decades.

Many games teach strategy. We have to think several moves ahead.

Games remind us to be humble winners and gracious losers. We're reminded to be good sports.

Games engage us in ways TV doesn't. We have to interact, talk, and plan our rematch!

Toys remind us how good it is to play. We can let loose, imagine, explore, build, try, fail, and try again.

Toys and games are frugal fun. You might already have some of them. Or you can buy most classic games for less than ten dollars -- or even get them at secondhand or consignment stores.

Relive your childhood memories with a board game, Checkers or Dominos, it will bring smiles to those around you!  If you have extra time and would like to volunteer at Carolina SeniorCare, we always welcome a friendly smile and extra set of hands.  Call:  336-746-3500 or visit our website at


excerpts from: By Carol O'Dell,



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